Trainee testimonials

ـــــــــ Mohammed Al-Awad – Yemen ـــــــــ

We benefited a lot from the training on humanitarian journalism, and got to know the angles of humanitarian topics and how to pick them up from the field reality. I learned new directions in the way of asking questions and managing the interactive sessions in an intense and attractive way.

ـــــــــ Ahmed Haj Hamdo – Syria ـــــــــ

My experience with TOT training with Rozana Media Foundation was unique. The training gave me a great deal of practical training to hone my skills as a journalist trainer. At a later stage, I was able to participate in the training of several groups of Syrian journalists.

ـــــــــ Hanan Tamim – Yemen ـــــــــ

It was an important training to raise my journalistic skills in achieving media coverage of human rights issues and gave me a greater understanding of the depth of humanitarian issues and the importance of focusing on them in journalistic work.

ـــــــــ Aktein Asaad – Syria ـــــــــ

I trained several times with Rozana, and since its founding in the early years, it was a unique experience and a solid foundation for me as a journalist. I learned a lot as a journalist, I learned how you can preserve your journalistic institution and your pen in light of all this confusion currently taking…

ـــــــــ Jawaher Ali Omar – Iraq ـــــــــ

I underwent training for a period of 3 months, during which I learned to know the basics of writing a press report and how to employ the element of emotion and influence the recipient. I also got to know the so-called (persona) or the personality of the recipient of the report and the need to…

ـــــــــ Haider Abdul Karim – Sudan ـــــــــ

I was not familiar with the use of digital storytelling in journalistic storytelling, fortunately for me I learned the digital storytelling method, the training represented a turning point in my storytelling and I was able to guarantee a larger audience for the stories I produced in the future.