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The Rozana Media Development Centre (RMD) is working, in cooperation with the Danish International Media Support (IMS), with Yemeni media organizations to develop Yemen’s humanitarian journalism, through direct training and long-term support.


In this training, the team of trainers at Rozana Foundation offers a summary of their expertise in press coverage of the humanitarian situation in Syria, as one of the most prominent areas of conflict since years, to support Yemeni media institutions and journalists in providing press content and media coverage of humanitarian issues, including individual humanitarian stories, and solutions journalism, with different modules and modes compatible with modern media platforms, through which radios reach the largest segment of the audience.


The training targets the experts and press teams in the Yemeni radio stations: The Yemen Times, Seiyun Radio, Al-Ittihadiya, Radio Lana, which are located in different regions of Yemen, and operate as community radios that aspire to improve the humanitarian situation of civilians in Yemen through the establishment of humanitarian journalism units prioritizing human journalism in the next phase.


Journalists and trainers Lina Al-Shawaf, Mais Katt, Loujain Haj Youssef, Mounir Al-Ayoubi, Mohsen Ibrahim and Tamam Al-Moubayed, with the support of Ahmed Jebali, will provide structured training, which is designed to meet the needs of each of the aforementioned radios separately.


The training will be adapted to suit the capabilities, needs and target audience of these Yemeni media establishments, in order to promote their editorial policies and journalistic code of ethics.


The training will also cover studying journalism and media institutions’ crisis response strategies, and the types, modes and topics of media content, as well as to the best practices related to field coverage and the safety of the radio team and correspondents.


The RMD professional trainers provide training services to establishments and individuals, including institutions and journalists in Syria, North Africa, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, in cooperation with leading Arab and international organizations that support free media in the Arab World.

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RMD -Almodon

The Syrian opposition radio station Rozana won the second prize in the annual completion of media dealing with migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region, for one of the vox programs presented by experienced journalist Soulafa Lababidi from the Paris studio.

The award was given to the significant news presented in the episode entitled “Organ Trade.. Its Secrets and links to refugees” from the vox program, which is prepared and presented by the journalist Soulafa Lababidi, who has been working in the field of media for more than ten years, reported Rozana in a statement on its website; knowing that the radio participated in the competition with three different materials related to Syrian refugees.

Rozana and the MMA’s official website did not announce the other winners, as each winner is informed individually by the award management, awaiting the final announcement in a special ceremony that will be held on the island of Malta on 14 June.

It is noteworthy that 36 different prizes are presented at the event, which focuses on the media’s handling of migration issues between the two shores of the Mediterranean, and the winners receive a contract funded by the European Union in order to produce more in-depth and detailed content on the winning topics, which means producing and presenting 36 new journalistic materials.

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