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Rozana Media Foundation has signed  a memorandum of understanding with the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) on establishing professional cooperation and publishing of joint investigative work, in addition to developing cooperative coordination in the field of training, research and networking.


This step came to reinforce the Foundation’s goal of supporting investigative journalism, as Rozana has participated in Syria in-Depth project funded by the Guardian Foundation and the International Media Support Corporation (IMS) over a period of three years. The Foundation is also working in partnership with the Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism (SIRAJ) in the production of investigative projects and podcasts.


Rozana was the only Syrian media outlet to participate in the Panama investigations/ papers, along with more than 100 partners and other media outlets around the world, to collect and search for leaked documents that revealed prominent corruption files involving politicians and states’ leaders, in addition to taking part in the investigations of the “Russian Laundromat” and “European weapons” along with Arab and international media institutions.


ARIJ is the first media network in the Arab world to pioneer investigative journalism in the Arab region following a modernist and professional approach.


Rozana Media Foundation started in the French capital Paris mid-July 2013, to open later in 2014 a program studio in the Turkish city of Gaziantep in 2014.


Since its inception, the Foundation has launched a radio station that broadcasts programs online via its website and Smartphone application, as well as FM waves in Turkey and northern Syria.


Rozana presents an important set of investigations and journalistic reports on its official website and social media platforms, in parallel with providing in-depth and entertaining topics both in its programs that interest and affect the Syrian society, in addition to covering aspects of life in Syria with high sense of objectivity and professionalism, away from any political or religious agendas.


Rozana focuses while preparing its programs on the Syrian citizens, at homeland and abroad, primarily on the social level and the changes that have occurred in the Syrians’ lives in general, whether at home or in the different countries of asylum.


Rozana established its training centre (RMD) in 2018, whereby it works to qualify trainers and cooperate with them to train a large number of Syrian journalists and citizen journalists.


The Foundation has been working recently on a “training project targeting media institutions in Yemen” focused on training four Yemeni radio stations, in order to produce humanitarian and community content that gives priority to civilians and allows them to express themselves, interact and benefit from various media platforms in improving their daily living conditions and create a better future for themselves.


ARIJ is the first network in the Arab region dedicated to instilling investigative journalism in Arab media in accordance with an advanced and new methodology in newsrooms.


ARIJ’s mission is to raise the standards of investigative journalism, as an essential component of free societies based on documenting facts and conducting in-depth investigations to search for facts from multiple sources.


ARIJ has been a guarantor of transparency, accountability and provided a platform for a diversity of views and perspectives over the last decade.




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The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) published an investigation prepared by the Rozana Media Foundation entitled Jahim Ala Al-Yabisa (Hell on the Ground), which reveals hidden secrets about the prisons of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), formerly Jabhat Al-Nusra.


The investigation was published on the network’s website as part of the Weekly Muckraker Guide, which is usually followed by prominent investigative journalists.


The investigation was produced with the participation of colleague Mais Katt and journalist Nael Al-Ahmad, as part of the Syria in Depth project, sponsored by a grant from the British Guardian Foundation and the International Media Support Foundation (IMS).


The investigation presents the testimonies of men and women about their stories and touching experiences in the HTS prisons and horrifying cellars.


The investigation also displays, using modern graphic tools, the methods of torture that the HTS detainees were subjected to, in addition to an accurate visual depiction of Al-Iqab Prison, the terrorist organization’s most infamous prison in Syria.


The GIJN is one of the most important organizations that support in-depth journalism and provides investigative tools for interested journalists around the world.


Rozana has previously participated in the completion of investigations like the Panama Papers, the Russian Laundromat, and the European Weapons, along with Arab and international media organizations.

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