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The project includes a ten-month free online training program, which aims to hone the professional skills of journalists and enable them to enhance their ability to produce professional content.


The project targets journalists and citizen journalists working in the Arab region (Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Sudan), given the difficulty of receiving journalistic training via methods other than communicating via the Internet.


The training program consists of 11 courses, the topics of which revolve around on the basics of journalistic thinking, media ethics and principles, risk assessment and security conditions, as well as research methodologies, news production, and digital journalism.


The training will also focus on creative journalistic writing, visual narration, interview techniques, publishing on social media, and constructive journalism, in addition to transitional justice and journalism, and journalism and trauma.


Rozana Media Foundation will participate in the project by producing an educational animation video collection, which helps to clarify the content of the journalistic training exercises, and provides information in a smooth and understandable way for the participating students.


Rozana team has previously produced animation and motion graphics in partnership with media outlets and international organizations such as UNICEF, BBC Media Action and Relief International.


Rozana has also organized, since 2014, many workshops and training sessions for Syrian and Arab journalists and citizens, under the supervision of professional Syrian, Arab and foreign journalists.


It is noteworthy that, in 2014, the Rozana Media Foundation established a training center, which is equipped with the necessary tools and instruments to realize audio-visual and written media content productions.


Additionally, the foundation publishes media content through its website and radio broadcast (FM) and online.


To apply for the training program, please click here.

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The Rozana Training Center SMS has offered a series of digital marketing trainings to 70 traders and entrepreneurs as part of the “Start” initiative launched to support small businesses, which is organized and managed by SIAD, in partnership with Spark Foundation, and supported by the Dutch government.


The training, which was held in five different Turkish cities and provided by Mais Katt, on behalf of Rozana, in collaboration with colleague Khaled Alharbash, included the basic elements for building a successful digital marketing plan, in addition to offering an insight about the golden keys to reach the target customers in the best way possible. The workshop was delivered by means of practical applications and exercises related directly to the participators’ projects.


SIDAD is in charge of “Start” initiative which is mainly directed to Syrian entrepreneurs based in Turkey. It offers them trainings and follow-ups designated to develop their’ businesses professionally. Some of the entrepreneurs involved in the program also received financial grants at the end of the project.


Rozana plans to cooperate with SIAD to organize several business development trainings, focusing on digital marketing tools and platforms. On the other hand, Rozana continues to provide audiovisual services as well as commercials, in addition to e-marketing trainings for Syrian entrepreneurs and businesses owners especially in Turkey.

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