Women Empowerment in Leadership Positions Within the Media Organizations

Rozana Centre for Media Development “RAM” participated in training a group of media professionals from Syrian institutions on “Women Leaders in Media: Understanding How Women Lead”, and empowering them in leadership positions.

Regarding the training, Loujein Haj Youssef‎, a journalist and trainer at the Ram Centre for Media Development, says: “Women tend to use a method known as transformational leadership, which is an essential and useful type of improving management within medium-sized media organizations, but within a leadership scope.”

The training, which many male and female officials in different media organisations participated in, aims to raise awareness of institutions about the difference between men and women in the method of leadership, in addition to defining and clarifying the difference between management and leadership.

Moreover, the training also worked to help ambitious female executives develop leadership skills critical to influence, persuasion, empowerment, and guidance.

The training also helps male leaders to provide support to women in order to become leaders in their institutions, where they may be ready to move into senior management positions.

The training topics included:

  • Introduction to the concepts of leadership and the differences between types of leaders.
  • Why should we support women leaders?
  • The difference between men and women in leadership.
  • Defining leadership methods of women and transforming from “I” to “we”.
  • Motivation and delegation mechanisms in management.
  • Seven lessons learned from women’s leadership skills.

The training is a part of the “Balance in Gender and Media” project supported by the FPU organization, which extended for five years.