Training on media advocacy for gender issues on social radios

The Rozana Center for Media Development (RAM) in Tunis has organised a training on media advocacy for gender issues, and how to achieve the effect in the content of the social radios concerned with gender issues, directed to the Yemeni Ramz FM Radio.

Journalist Loujeina Haj Youssef carried out the training for five days, and 12 Yemeni journalists joined it. It touched on several topics such as:

  • How do you plan for a successful media advocacy campaign using social media tools? And how do you measure its impact?
  • How to create a successful content plan for gender issues?
  • How do you use the empathy map to build digital communities for radios?

This training came within the framework of completing other training presented over a period of four months for journalists from the Yemeni Ramz FM Radio, with the support of the Internews Network, which works to empower local media.