Training of Trainers (TOT) on Advocacy Campaigns for Women’s Issues

The Rozana Center for Media Development (RAM), in cooperation with the EuroMed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI, organized a TOT training for female and male trainers in the Lebanese capital Beirut. The training was about the advocacy campaigns using digital means for issues relating to women. 

About 16 female and male journalists from Syria, Turkey and Europe participated in the training.

As for the training, Lina Chawaf a journalist and trainer at the “Ram” Centre and accredited by several European institutions, said that “this type of training is usually adopted in conflict areas due to the movement difficulty of the male and female journalists to exchange experiences and carry out the necessary training face to face.”

According to Al-chawaf, the goal of TOT is to enable each male or female trainee to transfer experiences to the areas in which he/ she resides. 

She added that the training is difficult, and it is considered a challenge to the male/ female trainer and the male/ female trainees alike because it needs a lot of effort from both parties to reach excellent results and apply them in reality.

The training covered several topics including:

  • How to perform advocacy campaigns on media and digital means.
  • Social media strategies for advocacy campaigns.
  • How do we search for the targeted audience on social media?
  • The mechanism for measuring and tracking the analysis of advocacy campaigns on social media.

The training lasted over five days and also discussed:

  • Which where the audience is most active?
  • Your personal skills to be a trainer.
  • How do you introduce yourself and identify your tools?
  • How do you identify your team in your training?
  • Training and evaluation mechanism.
  • Documenting and designing the training content
  • Selecting the most appropriate training methods

Through its professional trainers, the Rozana Centre for Media Development (RAM) provides training services to institutions and individuals alike. It provides training services for Syrian journalists and institutions, likewise, in North Africa, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, in cooperation with leading Arab and international organizations that support free media in the Arab world.