Rozana Supporting the Youth.. Special Training on Producing and Presenting Radio Programmes

The Rozana Media Foundation organized a training workshop for Syrian youth and teenagers on “Presentation and Preparation of Radio Programmes”. The workshop lasted for two days with 16 training hours.

The workshop was attended by 12 trainees, whose age ranges from 16 to 24 years, from the “Youth Forum” and the “We Can” team in Gaziantep, southern Turkey.

The training was overseen by the Executive Director of Rozana Lina Al-Shawaf and Programme Director Munir Al-Ayoubi. The workshop focused on three points:

1- Writing a script for a radio programme.
2- Preparation of the programme (from idea to presentation).
3- Radio presentation.

Coach Munir Al-Ayoubi commented on the workshop, saying that “the training provided youth and teenagers with basic skills in preparing programmes, as well as presenting and dealing with modern techniques in recording and broadcasting.”

He added that “the first day was limited to theoretical information and discussion of radio experiments and on the second day the trainees were divided into three groups and each group completed a radio programme from the idea to the recording stage.”

The groups produced three radio episodes, whose subjects varied between comedy, entertainment, and culture. The episodes were recorded in the Rozana Radio studio under the supervision of the trainers and in cooperation with the radio technical team.

Ahlam Nazzal, coordinator of the “Youth Forum,” said that “this workshop comes after the forum has recently participated in a workshop organized by Rozana on editing and photojournalism.” She pointed out that such workshops develop the skills of young people and enhance their role in their social milieu.

She added that “trainees in this workshop will transfer the skills they have acquired to the rest of their colleagues in the forum,” noting that “there are plans to organize new workshops in Rozana on the media work in general.”

As for the benefit of the workshop, the trainee Yomna Ghazal (student at the Faculty of Business Administration – Ghaziantep University) noted that “the training provided important information about voice training and control, and the handling of the mike.”

She added: “The workshop stimulated my desire to complete the acquisition of skills in presentation and radio programmes’ preparation to reach professionalism.”

In turn, the trainee Abdul Aziz Jawish, a student at the Faculty of Economics of Gaziantep University, said that “the information and activities of the workshop contributed to enhancing self-confidence and dealing with the read-aloud text, and added skills in speech and layers of sound trimming.”

The Rozana Media Foundation was launched in 2013. It includes FM radio broadcasting in Turkish Gaziantep, and northern Syria, and on the internet. The foundation also has a website and two studios in Gaziantep and Paris, as well as a training centre equipped with the latest technology in Gaziantep.