Rozana: Specialized Training on Making Video Stories

Rozana Media Foundation organized a training course on “making video stories” at its headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey, in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of Journalism, and with the participation of a number of journalists and media activists.

The training workshop, which lasted for about four days from 28 to 31 October, aims at writing a script to produce a good and interesting video story.

About 15 trainees participated in the workshop under the supervision of two trainers from Norway and Denmark. During the training the participants presented and discussed the videos they produced, in addition to covering a number of recommendations, including the basics of making video stories.

The trainees also produced a number of video stories during the training course. Therefore, the trainers Torben Schou and Frode Rekve were satisfied with the results attained by the trainees during the workshop.

Trainers Mais Katt and Loujain Haj Youssef concluded the training by touching on the topic of journalistic ethics, through reading into and reviewing the charter of ethics for journalists in cooperation with the Ethical Charter for Syrian Media and Syrian Journalists Association, which granted the trainees certificates of attendance.

Trainee Ahmed Al-Kanjou told Radio Rozana that this training was one of the most important workshops he attended so far, adding that the trainer gave him insight into new  data, different  from the traditional routine of the Arab media approaches.

Trainee Mohamed Ghorab confirmed that it was a new, fun and unique experience, during which he grasped new information about “making video stories.”

Rozana Foundation’s training centre had previously organized training workshops during the month of May for dozens of media activists inside Syria, under the supervision of professional journalists from several Syrian media outlets. Rozana also held a training session at its headquarters in Gaziantep last year, entitled “How to develop work culture in the media institution”, which was facilitated by Fouad Al-Alani.

Rozana Media Foundation was launched in 2013, and includes a radio station broadcasting on FM waves in Gaziantep, Turkey, and northern Syria, and on the Internet. The Foundation also has a website and two studios in Gaziantep and Paris, as well as a training centre equipped with modern technologies in Gaziantep.