Rozana Media Foundation: A New Mission… Services Towards The Future!

The Rozana team is taking new responsibilities today in addition to working in a media foundation that broadcasts news and programs through its various media platforms.

Our professional team offers various services, such as marketing, development, entrepreneurship, training, media and advertising production.

Rozana’s marketing team supports emerging businesses or companies that wish to develop their business and reach new society segments by setting up marketing departments for each company, conducting commodity purchasing behavior studies and developing accurate marketing strategies for goods and merchandises to boost profits.

Rozana also produces ads using the latest promotional techniques. Commercial companies that join Rozana’s Entrepreneurship Development Program receive video clips, motion graphic animations, promotional posters and stickers, or even take advantage of the creation or development of a visual brand for the company and its products.

Companies and organizations can benefit from the conference room located in the heart of Gaziantep and from the distinctive organizational services that Rozana Media Foundation provides. The conference room accommodates more than 30 people and is equipped with all means of assistance for large meetings or trainings, with a large terrace for breaks.

Rozana has a studio in Gaziantep, Turkey, and another in the French capital Paris. Our media foundation offers sound recording services (Voice Over) with voices of professionals having many years of experience in this specialty. Rozana has also a Chroma studio in Gaziantep that is suitable for satellite broadcasting and it is equipped with the most advanced technologies.

Rozana now offers a new footprint in the field of entrepreneurship, technical production services, advertising and media campaigns management that help entrepreneurs to develop their business using the latest international marketing and advertising techniques, supported by studios, rooms and high expertise provided by its professional team working in Turkey and Europe.

Rozana also offers multi-disciplinary trainings through its specialized SMS Training Center, backed with professional trainers in journalism, media, social media,marketing, and business development. Rozana Media Foundation organizes its trainings in the city of Gaziantep in Turkey or in the French capital Paris or through the latest online teaching methods to cover various disciplines.

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