Rozana holds training session to sharpen skills of appearing on media platforms

Rozana Media Development Center (RAM) organized a training session aimed at forging skills of appearing in media platforms and techniques for communicating the message through media.

Ten women and men from Tastakil organization participated in the training workshop, under the supervision of Rozana’s Executive Director Lina Shawaf and Program Director Munir Al-Ayoubi.

The training focused on several axes, including the definition of the types and pitches of sound and vocal colouring skills, in addition to applying exercises to improve sound quality and letter outputs.

The training also dealt with the effects of body language, such as the manner of sitting and hand movements, in improving the skills of making a media appearance, as well as identifying the skills of effective visual communication with the audience, the camera and the interviewing journalist.

The training included practical exercises for the trainees through conducting video interviews with them, appearing in front of the camera, and recording their voices.

The Tastakil organization is a group of civilian, non-political and non-profit organizations that aim to support and empower women in all fields.

The RAM provides, through its professional trainers, training services to institutions and individuals alike, most notably for Syrian journalists and institutions in North Africa, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, in cooperation with leading Arab and international organizations that support free media in the Arab World.