Rozana and the United Nations Democracy Fund: A Jointly Launched Project to Support Syrian Women

Rozana Media Foundation started working on a project, along with the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), to support Syrian women and girls, and provide them with media platforms; a space through which they can voice their concerns.

Rozana and the UNDEF’s joint project aims to promote the role of women in local communities and support their rights in order to increase their participation in social, political, and cultural life in Syria nowadays and in the future.

Rozana will be responsible for producing information and press materials that give voice to these women through all its platforms, highlighting the way Syrian females contributed to the production process.  Thereby, the foundation will provide a large and free media space for all of these women to express their opinions and talk about their stories and experiences in different aspects of their lives.

UNDEF supports projects that voice out civil society, promote the rule of law and human rights, and encourage all groups to contribute and participate in democratic processes. Established in 2005 by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Fund is the United Nations’ only project with the word “democracy” displayed in its name.  It is the only body whose main purpose is to support democracy through empowering civil society. The fund is also one of the UN’s most recent projects.