Rozana and Dolphine Agency Agree to Join Efforts in the Field of Advertising

Rozana Media Foundation has agreed with the Dolphine advertising agency to join efforts in the field of advertising and news, to provide media coverage for about 7 million people inside and outside Turkey.

Rozana welcomed the Dolphine Agency’s request to broadcast advertisements in the Turkish, Kurdish, English and Arabic languages, in order to enrich and provide advertising services for major companies inside or outside Turkey.

Rozana Media Foundation and the Dolphine Agency agreed to produce advertisements and slogans for brands, in addition to jointly recording and producing songs in all languages ​​with the help of a professional team from the two organizations.

Rozana Media Foundation was launched in 2013, and includes a radio station broadcasting on FM waves in Gaziantep, Turkey and northern Syria, and on the Internet with high quality that can be compared to world-famous radios. The Foundation also has a website and two studios in Gaziantep and Paris, as well as a training centre equipped with modern technologies in Gaziantep.