Radio Rozana.. Untold Story

RAM-Syria Untold  

Syrian youth have been more inclined to think about establishing media projects, due to the urgent need for media platforms that report the situation in Syria objectively, away from biased trends, and through which they can communicate the news, stories and ideas of the Syrian people to a large audience.

From the background, the idea of establishing Radio Rozana saw the light as a more practical platform that aims at “communicating a truth about what is happening in Syria through the eyes of the Syrians themselves, far from being misled by hegemonic media outlets which are currently in control of the media scene in Syria.

Work on the Radio Rozana project was initiated about two years ago, during which many meetings, studies and research took place. The most difficult task was to find professional correspondents inside the country, as the majority of journalists have already left Syria under security or livelihood pressures.

The biggest challenge for Rozana was to train a professional team of journalists. Therefore, before its launch, Rozana held two workshops dedicated to its correspondents, who started working on-air and preparing experimental news bulletins, news and story reports, five months before the launch of the project.

Journalist Mais Katt, one of the project’s founders, explained Syria Untold: “We are not an alternative media, because the regime did not have a media establishment at all. The regime’s media are security branches, actually, and the greatest danger is that the revolution’s media outlets are subject to similar pressures from other parties, and are unable to convey people’s opinions freely.”

Regarding Rozana’s ties with the Syrian uprising, Katt stated that Rozana stands by the people who took the streets for dignity, and tries to voice their opinions, pains and hopes.”

All the correspondents of the Rozana network are activists of the Syrian revolution, as is the case with the majority of Rozana’s team in Paris and other countries.

The team tries as much as possible to create a balance between journalistic professionalism and moral bias in favour of the Syrian tragedy.

As for the most important topics that capture the radio’s attention, Katt highlighted that “Rozana focuses in its reports and stories on the daily lives of Syrians, their projects, lifestyle and stories. We try to draw hope for a better life by focusing on successful experiences and beautiful stories about ordinary people.”

It is natural that the team faced many difficulties during the launch period, which prompted Rozana’s staff to work long hours to overcome any problems that may appear here or there, but the support of the correspondents’ team was the biggest incentive for the entire group of workers to insist on overcoming all obstacles.

Radio Rozana has received a lot of Arab and international media attention, as news of the launch of Rozana was covered by many newspapers and TV channels, and there is still a great sense of curiosity among European media outlets to follow the development of this project.