Media and Artificial Intelligence Tools

In cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of Journalism, RAM Media Development Center has organized a training on artificial intelligence techniques and tools and their uses in the media 

The training defined the revolution of AI techniques, how it started, how it evolved, and how fast it spreads compared to applications and social media platforms. 

“AI is important in the media. It’s a unique tool like the rest of journalism tools, and it should be used carefully,” Frode Rekve, Project Manager of the Norwegian Institute of Journalism said. 

“We can’t stand in the way of AI entering the world of journalism. Let’s understand these tools, what they are good for, and what they do,” he added. 

IJ Trainer Geir Terje Ruud said that the workshop answered the question of how journalists can use AI. 

He pointed out that Rozana can strengthen its capabilities by using AI techniques and tools. 

An explanation of the working mechanism of a number of AI tools was given, in the training. Using AI in different media forms was also suggested, so that more efficiency can be achieved and the quality of journalistic production can be improved.