How to Write a Press Article to Advocate for Causes?

The Rozana Center for Media Development “RAM”, in collaboration with the Humanitarian Aid and Journalism (AHJ), organized a training for female journalists and journalism female students from Erbil and the rest of Iraq regions on how to write an opinion article advocating for causes.

About the training, Lina Chawaf, a journalist and trainer at the “Ram” Center, said that “the importance of training comes from its role in supporting women’s issues that women journalists defend.”

She indicated that Iraqi female journalists are experiencing conditions similar to what the Syrians have experienced during the past years, and the training was an opportunity to learn experiences similar to those of Syrian women.

The training, which was implemented through the “Zoom” program, worked to convey to the Iraqi female journalists the experience that Rozana gained during its work in difficult war conditions.

The training targets female journalists from several cities in Iraq, who aspire to attain a brilliant future in journalism and media, and seek to address the issues of women in their society.

The training covered several points, most notably are:

  • Introduction to the types of press articles.
  • Techniques and skills of journalistic writing.
  • What distinguishes the opinion article?
  • How to choose the subject of the article.
  • Standards of gender consideration in writing.

The Ram Center has contributed in developing a guide for journalists in conflict areas, since the center’s trainers have a long experience in dealing with a large number of journalists and citizen journalists, who work, on a daily basis, to produce media content from dangerous areas.