How to Tell a Distinctive Journalistic Story?

Rozana Center for Media Development (RAM) and The Norwegian Institute of Journalism have organized a training course on journalistic storytelling.

From Rozana, journalists and reporters participated in the training that was conducted via the “Zoom” platform,

and from The Norwegian Institute of Journalism, Frode Rekve and trainer Torben Schou, an expert in storytelling, participated in the training as well.

The training focused on the importance of storytelling, and how to narrate distinctive stories in newspapers, with a focus on the main character and how the story should contain a beginning, a middle and an end.

“Storytelling is the most important factor in the work of journalists and reporters. If you fail to master the basic techniques of storytelling, your stories will never succeed.” said Shaw about the training.

He added: “The principles of storytelling are basically the same in writing, radio, podcast and television, and it is revolving on exciting beginnings, suspense, emotions and a good ending.”

Shaw also shared the trainees with recommendations and laws for telling a distinguished journalistic story, including:

  • Do not leave the newsroom until you have a clear idea of how to tell your story.
  • Focus on the sound and image.
  • When you find a good sound effect, you will find a suitable image.
  • Insert more close-ups.
  • Do not speak ambiguous and vague terms.
  • When you know how to end, you will know how to start, try to apply this method and you will like it very much.
  • Do not try to solve the world’s problems with one report, step by step technique is much better.
  • After you write a report, rewrite it again and make it shorter.
  • Be different in your performance every time.
  • Look for the right image and you will definitely find the right sound.
  • Connect a wireless “microphone” to people.
  • Comment as little as possible and focus on the image and sound.

This training is a complement of a previous training organized by the Rozana Center for Media Development “RAM”, on how to develop the building of news stories through podcast.