Creation of a podcast and its tools with female trainees from the Syrian Female Journalists Network

Rozana Center for Media Development (RAM) organized a training for the “Syrian Female Journalists Network” on podcast creation.

The training lasted for two days and was organized through the internet with the participation of seven trainees, and was supervised by the journalist and trainer at the “RAM” Center for Media Development, Loujeina Haj Youssef.

This training is significant because it focuses on developing the tools of the Syrian Female Journalists Network team, through this training, they become able to launch a specialised podcast platform to support the network’s programs and the female journalists cooperating with it.

The training focused on the following points:

  • Talking about the knowledge of presenting podcasts on different platforms.
  • Best recording techniques.
  • Sound editing training.
  • Introduction to storytelling by using audio.
  • Podcast narration elements and how to authentically combine these elements.
  • How to choose the best title for the podcast.
  • Learning about the podcast narration templates.
  • Marketing channels for podcasts.

The Ram Center for Media Development works to provide specialised training on podcasts to individuals, media foundations, and civil society organizations.