Building a Content Strategy Directed for Gender in Yemen’s HAWKA FM Radio

The Rozana Center for Media Development (RAM) works to provide support to media projects in Yemen, in collaboration with “Internews Network”, where it conducts a training on “How we build an established gender strategy for the media?” Over the course of eight months for the Yemeni HAWKA FM radio.

About the training, Loujein Haj Youssef‎, a journalist and trainer at the “Ram Center for Media Development”, says: “In this training, we work closely with the HAWKA FM Radio team through guiding to build a strategy of a content directed to gender, besides reviewing and evaluating the content.”

The training also includes “identifying the most effective tools and strategies for engaging listeners and women in particular”.

 The training points included:

  • Understanding the (theory – indicators – role) in the project and designing the relevant activity.
  • How to design a gender content map?
  • What are the most effective forms in reaching women?
  • How to increase the audience of women?
  • How to create content that supports gender?
  • What are the most effective forms for reaching women?

Rozana benefits from its experience and work for more than 8 years as a social radio in providing support and assistance in developing nascent radio stations. That is why the directed training for HAWKA FM radio is important.