Announcing the winner of the logo design competition for RAM website

Rozana Media Foundation announces the name of the winner of the logo design competition for the Rozana Media Development website, which will be launched soon.

After matching the viewpoints of the Rozana jury regarding the logos participating in the competition, which exceeded 24 designs, candidate Tarek Al-Youssef was selected as the winner.

The competition was announced in November 2020 by Rozana Media Foundation, and its conditions included that the design idea has to be new, unique and not inspired from other designs, and that the logo should be suitable for the activity of the RMD website.

The RMD website provides journalism training services, communication skills, and support and development services for newsrooms and media organizations.

The website also offers media content production services, as well as research and media consulting in various specializations.

Over the previous years, Rozana has organized dozens of training sessions for Syrian journalists, both inside Syria and in countries of asylum, as well as for Arab journalists and media institutions in several countries, including Yemen, Iraq and Libya.

Rozana Media Development Center provides, through its professional trainers, training services to journalists as individuals and to Syrian and Arab institutions in cooperation with leading Arab and international organizations that support free media in the Arab World.