A Step Forward Towards Professionalism… Rozana Is Training Journalism Trainers

Last Sunday, Rozana Media Organization completed the training of trainers that it held at its headquarters in Gaziantep, southern Turkey, for 7 days with the participation of professional journalists, directors of institutions and directors of 10 Syrian media organizations departments.

The training session is the first part of the training project of Rozana Training Center SMS in cooperation with the Asfari Foundation and the International Media Support organization. There will be other stages of training trainers and cooperating with them to train a large number of journalists and Syrian citizen journalists throughout the upcoming period.

Trainer and expert journalist Mohammed Al-Hani has conducted five-day training on academic bases. During the last two days, expert trainers in various fields of journalism and other professions have participated in order to set the foundations of the general journalism training and apply them to the various forms of journalism. ARIJ institution has participated through the journalism trainer Musab Shawabkeh in training the trainers in the field of investigation, while journalist Ahmad Dib has provided training for the trainers in the field of audio-visuals. The third trainer, Mehran Oyoun, from Salamatech conducted training in the field of digital security and its techniques.

Syrian journalists from various media organizations have participated in the training to form a nucleus of reliable Syrian trainers who could be trusted in the future to train Syrian journalists. The training was attended by journalists from Enab Baladi organization, Halab Today TV, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper, Syrian Network for Print Media (SNP), Sada Al-Shaam newspaper, Orient TV, Syrian Press Center, Aleppo Media Center (AMC), Radio Rooh FM, Syrian Women’s Network (SWN), Syrian Journalists Association (SYJA) and a number of media professionals from inside Syria.