Successful planning to reach the goal

Develop and refine the skills of media professionals

Your way to excellence and creativity in media work

Training courses

Safety of Journalists in Conflict Zones

Our trainers have long experience in journalistic coverage of armed conflicts, and dealing with a large number of journalists and citizens


Specialized press

Specialization in journalism has become very important, as media organizations are moving towards specialization day after day


Digital press

The development of the Internet has severely affected the way journalistic content is produced in media organizations, and the audience’s reception of this content.


Radio and audio Journalism

Radio is one of the most widespread media outlets despite the great technical development, and it is of particular importance in conflict areas and unstable countries.


Consulting services

Leadership in the media

How do small ideas and small initiatives turn into successful projects? We offer you logical solutions and the right tactics to transform your ideas into successful media organizations.

Develop methods of digital transition for the media

We support you during the digital transformation process to achieve an effective digital presence on the Internet, in addition to changing work tools to digital production tools that are compatible with the requirements of remote work.

Sustainability of independent media organizations

We support your media organizations by assisting in drawing up long-term strategies, knowing how to deal with different funding sources. By supporting the formulation of long-term strategies.

Media technical support

Establishing radio studios and all their technical requirements, and establishing radio on the Internet. Our experts have special knowledge of setting up radio stations in conflict areas.

Improving journalism team management skills

Our experts have brought their skills to life in leading editorial teams for many years, and are doing more to help you develop creativity in your organizations.

Program network design and management

Our experts have brought their skills to life in leading editorial teams for many years, and are doing more to help you develop creativity in your organizations.

ـــــــــ Mohammed Al-Awad – Yemen ـــــــــ

We benefited a lot from the training on humanitarian journalism, and got to know the angles of humanitarian topics and how to pick them up from the field reality. I learned new directions in the way of asking questions and managing the interactive sessions in an intense and attractive way.

ـــــــــ Ahmed Haj Hamdo – Syria ـــــــــ

My experience with TOT training with Rozana Media Foundation was unique. The training gave me a great deal of practical training to hone my skills as a journalist trainer. At a later stage, I was able to participate in the training of several groups of Syrian journalists.

ـــــــــ Hanan Tamim – Yemen ـــــــــ

It was an important training to raise my journalistic skills in achieving media coverage of human rights issues and gave me a greater understanding of the depth of humanitarian issues and the importance of focusing on them in journalistic work.